The Artist

Lawrence Furzey is a Fine Art Travel Photographer. Having been shooting commercial travel and lifestyle campaigns for the last 9 years, Lawrence was getting tired of the same two dimensional stock images that were required to entice the consumer to travel. This is where in his off time he would try and find hidden elements in places, objects, scenes. To try and create something visually challenging, yet peaceful and engaging to the mind. Imagery that can sit on ones wall and never lose its mystery and appeal to the viewer.

Lawrence constantly travels the globe in search of finding new ways to bring everyday vistas to new heights. To stimulate the mind whilst you travel away on your own journey through his images.


The Process


Take yourself on a journey through Lawrence's gallery of images under 'Waterscapes' and 'Land & concrete' and have a look at what image/s best suits your blank canvas of a wall.

Once you have decided on the print, then you can pick your size. Next, choose whether you'd like it framed or sent to you carefully wrapped and tubed.

Finally, hang the art on your wall, sit back, and lose yourself in a place you'd rather be.

All images are copyright to Lawrence Furzey 2016.